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5 Steps for the Perfect Autumn Night In


Here at Druzy Dreams we couldn't be happier that it's finally autumn! Sure - we love summer and showing off our favourite jewels in the sunshine but we are undeniably huge fans of the cosiness that autumn brings.

Here are our five steps for the perfect autumn night in.


1) Create a cosy atmosphere

Turn off the main lights in your room and instead bring out the candles (bonus points for scents of pumpkin or cinnamon). If you own any fairy lights make sure to light those up too. Grab a selection of blankets and cushions and create your own cosy nook on the sofa, floor, or wherever you'll be settling down for the evening. Slip into a pair of cosy pyjamas and wooly socks for the finishing touch.


2) Comfort food and snacks

Think freshly baked cookies straight from the oven, or a homemade pie with mashed potatoes and gravy. The key here is warm and delicious food. Obviously hot chocolate is the ultimate drink of choice for a cosy evening - try this recipe for an amazing Baileys hot chocolate or if you don't drink alcohol then this Nutella hot chocolate is a total winner too.


3) Pamper yourself

Is there a better opportunity to pamper yourself than when it's getting cold and dark outside? Slap on a relaxing face mask or paint your nails in the perfect autumnal shade (yes it is 100% acceptable to wear berry tones for the next six months).


4) Entertainment

Binge-watch the best part of an entire series on Netflix, settle down with a good new book, or pop your earphones in and drift away with some relaxing music - choose whichever is your favourite way to unwind and go all out.


5) Online shopping

We may be biased, but what's the perfect night in without ordering yourself a little gift to be delivered in just a few working days? Hey - if you're super organised you could even start your Chirstmas shopping now! Check out items recently added to our site here - and remember we ship all UK orders for FREE.




Let us know your tips for the perfect autumn night in in the comments - is there anything we've missed? 

Lots of love,



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September 28, 2016 by Druzy Dreams
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